Unusual granny with a bicep of 43 centimeters

Robin Hills is not one of those grandmothers who bakes delicious pies and knits by the window all day long. She doesn’t sit on the bench with her girlfriends, and she certainly doesn’t eat sunflower seeds.

Robin Hills is a professional bodybuilder! This woman, at her 48, is the mother of two grown daughters, and the grandmother of three wonderful babies. And in between such wonderful activities, she manages to amaze the world with her physical shape. And no one can even talk about calling her a grandmother.

When Robin graduated from high school, she went straight to the gym, it was 1989. She just wanted to keep fit, and at first it was just a hobby. But the sport so “sucked” the girl in that she devoted her whole life to it.

Robin now participates in many competitions and championships. She has numerous victories under her belt, she is a prize-winner of honorary awards. It is thanks to sports that the woman quickly got back into shape after the birth of her daughters, and it is with this motivation that she never tires of being energetic and active.

Robin’s tremendous support is her family, all of whom are sure to support their mother and grandmother at every competition.

And in 2014 she received a certificate from the International Federation of Bodybuilding. Since then Robin Hills has been competing internationally in the professional league.

At the moment, the woman works in a correctional facility. She leads fascial stretch therapy and strength training for inmates.

Robin admits she used to be afraid that people around her would not perceive her muscle mass, would not understand her hobbies at such an age, and at first she was shy to post photos of herself on social media. But over time, that fear receded, and she started her own microblog. Her subscribers love her very much. Everyone admires her strength of spirit, her form, her determination. For them, she is a role model.

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