“We were so young”: celebrities in their student days

It’s always interesting to see what stars looked like when they were young – because it’s hard to believe that the ability to stand out on the red carpet is innate. Our selection of photos proves that no, celebrities during their student days were very different from those we see and love today.

We’ve put together a more than curious selection of photos of Hollywood celebrities at a time when they were just beginning to chart their way to stardom. We’re sure you’ll be surprised by some of the shots!

Interesting collections of student photos of stars can be found on the Internet. One of them was published a few years ago by Retronaut.co. We’re sure that after browsing our gallery, you’ll agree that sometimes stock photos speak louder than any words. Sometimes all it takes is one look to understand who was lying about never having had plastic surgery, and who spent a fortune with a top stylist.

Whatever the case, the appearance of many celebrities has undergone visible (not to say significant) changes. For example, burlesque star Dita Von Teese, famous for her black curls, is actually a natural blonde!

The story is just the opposite for actress Pamela Anderson: the blonde “savior of Malibu” regularly lightens her hair to enviable effect.

Uma Thurman, Madonna, Kim Basinger, Demi Moore and Gwen Stefani were undoubtedly pretty… simple girls in their youth. These women, like a fine wine, became more beautiful with age.

Jennifer Lopez suffered from acne in her youth and sported an unflattering hairstyle, while the main “jewel” of Jennifer Aniston’s face was a huge Greek nose, which we know she corrected with rhinoplasty.

On the other hand, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Longoria have never experienced the ugly duckling. These celebrities were already considered first-rate beauties in their youth, and continue to maintain their radiance today. We’d particularly like to salute the efforts of Eva Longoria, who, just three weeks after giving birth for the first time, is already back at work and… sporting some daring outfits:

The same can be said for male celebrities. Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hanks, Richard Gere, Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis were charming in their youth.

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