What does Buzz from “Home Alone” look like today, 33 years after the film’s release?

Do you remember Kevin’s older brother in “Home Alone”, nicknamed Buzz?

Many viewers remember him for his striking appearance and equally memorable character.

The first part of “Home Alone” was released in 1990. But the actor who played Kevin, Macaulay Culkin, always remained a fascinating personality for the press, unlike the other characters.

At the end of 2021, a new part of “Home Alone” was released in cinemas, with Archie Yates in the lead role. However, many noticed a very familiar face of the actor who played a policeman in this film.

And of course, it’s Devin Rattray, who 32 years ago played the role of Kevin’s big brother – the prankster and bully, Buzz!

Over time, the man has changed a lot, but it’s still easy to recognize the same guy from the first part of “Home Alone” thanks to certain characteristics.

He went through a period of being overweight, but managed to regain control of his life and change. Now he’s a handsome young man who, incidentally, has received many other offers from directors.

After “Home Alone”, Rattray starred in the John Hughes comedy “Dennis the Torturer”. As an adult, he starred in Alexander Payne’s Oscar-winning “Nebraska”, and has also worked extensively with director Steven Soderbergh. He starred in the thriller “Side Effects” and in the first interactive series “Mosaic”. Recently, he was seen in Loreen Scafaria’s hit “Strippers” and the Netflix series “Life of a Russian Doll”.

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