What does Dominique Swain, the star of “Lolita”, look like and do today?

In 1997, the film “Lolita” starring Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain became one of the most talked-about. Find out what the main protagonist has become today.

Dominique Swain’s film debut was as the daughter of John Travolta’s character in the action film “Without a Face”. But it was as Dolores “Lolita” Geis in the film adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel that she made her mark on audiences. Adrian Lyne’s film caused a sensation and became one of the most scandalous premieres of the year. Swain was a minor at the time of filming, having been selected at the age of just 15. However, she was replaced by an understudy for the intimate scenes, with her mother also present on set to oversee the process.

After this initial success, Dominique continued to tour regularly, but interest in her roles waned. It seems that Natalie Portman, who had turned down the role of Lolita for fear it would ruin her career, was right.

Today, Dominique is 42. You’d be surprised, but she’s still turning out films today. Her recent work includes Meteor Moon and Eminence Hill. You may even have seen her on screen without recognizing her. Since her star days, the actress has changed a lot. Today, she prefers traveling with her boyfriend Jamie Harr to Hollywood parties. The couple have no children.

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