Zoe Erianna, 6, wins the hearts of everyone in attendance with “Born This Way”

Zoe is bound to be the cutest contestant on America’s Got Talent.

She’s only six, and she’s standing on stage in her pink skirt and shoes, with a cat on her white shirt.

Simon Cowell chats before her audition, and the adorable little girl has already begun to melt the hearts of the judges and the audience.

Zoe plays the piano, writes and composes her own original music, and she already has 11 copyrighted songs. Her debut single, All We Need Is Love, was released this month.

Not bad for a 6-year-old from Drexel Hill.

Her little exchange with the obviously smitten British judge had everyone chuckling.

She likes all the judges but it is the Colombian beauty, Sofia Vergara, that Zoe likes the most.

That response had Vergara raising her arms in delight.

“Really?” quipped Simon, along to the laughter of his fellow judges.

Zoe’s got big plans if she wins, telling Simon that she’d buy a “big, golden convertible and a big, pink Barbie dream camper.”

For her audition, the little girl from Philadelphia sang Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

Little Zoe sings with all her heart, but she also flaunts all of her abilities, maintaining eye contact with her audience and even pointing at them as she sings.

Simon said she was brave, fearless, talented, and that everyone in the room loved her audition, including him.

Zoe’s on the right track!

Watch her super cute audition in the video below!

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