11 years ago, a woman gave birth to four girls: the twin sisters grew up and became very similar to their mother.

We are always happy to see the twins. We watch them with undisguised curiosity, wondering how their own parents distinguish them.

And all because the probability of giving birth to twins is very low. Today, only 2% of identical children are born in the world.

What do you think is the probability of having four? Statistics say: only one out of 64 million can get pregnant with four.

In this case, most likely, conception will occur with the help of IVF. After all, doctors often implant several eggs into a woman during artificial insemination.

This is done in order to increase the hope of transplanting at least one embryo.

But the world knows a case when a woman herself, without resorting to artificial methods, became pregnant in the fourth year.

The doctors did the first ultrasound and found that the patient had not one, but four children under her heart. They offered the woman to terminate the pregnancy.

But the future mother Yulia categorically refused this offer.

Surprisingly, all four fetuses developed in the same placenta. Doctors did not give any forecasts for the birth of healthy babies.

However, Yulia was able to safely transfer the pregnancy. But, the daughters were born prematurely. The woman had a caesarean section, as a result of which four daughters were born. But that’s not all.

Two sisters were born perfectly healthy, and the other two were very underweight.

It’s a miracle, but very little girls caught up with their sisters who were born with normal weight! And soon it became impossible to distinguish them.

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