A 73-year-old London resident has revealed how she lives alone in her home.

Away from the noisy streets, on the quiet outskirts of London, lies the residence of 73-year-old artist Heidi. Those who visit her often remark on how cozy and atmospheric her home is.

She moved here after losing her husband back in 2019. It was not easy to exchange the familiar surroundings for something new, but Heidi wasn’t afraid. She started from scratch, creating the entire interior and decorating everything according to her own taste.

And this is despite the fact that the woman is already 70 years old! She started a new life in a new home and takes pride in her abode.

Every detail of the decor has been carefully thought out, and each item has been meticulously selected. Many objects hold memories of dear people or creative projects that Heidi was involved in at some point.

For instance, this mini-house serves as a prototype for Heidi’s dream studio.

Haidy is especially proud of her extensive library, which her grandfather started collecting.

The most priceless book in this collection is one created by Haidy’s parents (they made up the story and created the illustrations for it).

All the paintings in the house are either painted by the artist herself or donated by fellow artists. They create an unforgettable atmosphere.

And how many interesting details are in the kitchen!

There is also an antique dresser from the 18th century that was inherited from my great-grandmother.

If you go up the stairs to the first floor, you’ll get to the bedroom and workshop.

In the bedroom, there is only an iron bed and a place to store books. As the owner explained, she uses this room only for sleeping.

The bathroom, on the other hand, is incredibly stylish and modern.

One of the main rooms in the house is the workshop. There is no strict order here, everything is designed to keep the creative spirit alive. The owner still works hard here.

Haidy lives alone, but she does not feel lonely. She devotes her time to her favourite business, and her children and grandchildren often visit her.

Haidy’s home is simple and cozy — that’s how the Londoner sees her home. The room is very light, which makes it seem even more spacious and airy.

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