A caring man raised his adopted daughter as his own: 16 years later, she made him cry with happiness

Jay Page’s family knew exactly how to make his birthday magical and unforgettable.
Following the holiday tradition, Jay sat down with his closest friends and began to open the gifts one by one.
Picking up a white rectangular box with a silver bow, he tried to guess what was inside.

Jay read the greeting card, then opened the box and found a sealed envelope inside.
As soon as Jay took the letter out of the envelope, he started crying. This grown-up, sturdy man couldn’t hold back his tears.
As a birthday present, Jay received fully executed adoption documents that required only his signature.
Having signed them, he and his wife were ready to hand them over the following Monday, and it meant a lot to Jay.

Jay met Celissa’s mother Lisa when they were both 21 years old.
Lisa says that at first Jay was «clearly scared» by the prospect of becoming a father to two-year-old Celissa.

A few years ago, the couple discovered that Jay couldn’t have children of his own.
So, as Lisa says, Jay and Celissa’s relationship has been «a great blessing» for them.
From childhood, Jay treated her like his own daughter, teaching her self-defence, swimming and driving.
Jay wanted to adopt her from the start, and talked about it often over the last few years. But he always lacked the money or the opportunities.

When Celissa turned 18, she had given up hope.
The adoption process is generally exhausting and requires a lot of legal fees, determination and perseverance on the part of the prospective parents.

But in the end, the effort is worth it. Jay was so stunned that he couldn’t stop hugging his daughter.
Later, when he came to his senses, he said to his daughter: «Two things are always on my mind: your adoption and your future marriage».
Now that Jay is halfway to realising his plans, he can be truly congratulated!

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