A family of six transforms a 40-foot school bus into a beautiful home and offers a tour of the interior

A couple turned an old bus into a haven for six people and many dreams. John, with a sense of design and craftsmanship, redesigned the bus.

The living room, equipped with a U-shaped sofa and hidden storage, also serves as a sleeping area for parents thanks to a cleverly designed retractable bed.

The family’s electrical installation is a masterpiece of modern technology. Under the living room sofa are a Victron charge regulator, a 3000-watt inverter and two 200-amp-hour batteries.

This powerful system can power an air conditioner all night and still has enough energy for breakfast. Perfect for a family that loves the freedom of life off the network.

The bus also takes into account the practical aspects of living on the go. A sliding door separates the living area of the «throne room» equipped with a Nature’s Head compost toilet.

In the front part, the driver’s area has been arranged so that the family can sit together.

Two original bus seats, now equipped with seat belts, provide safe seats for children, while a swivel passenger seat gives AJ a comfortable position.

The family’s culinary needs are fulfilled by a full-size refrigerator and a kitchen that would make people envious among food lovers.

Open shelves display jars of spices and cereals, many of which were grown on the previous family farm.

An induction hob and an Airfryer replace a traditional stove, corresponding to the family’s preference for electrical appliances.

The sink even has a light that changes color according to the water temperature, adding a playful touch to this practical space.

The sustainability of the family is manifested in its choices. They opted for an ecological filter instead of the more popular Berkey system for their water.

The installation of the filter sits proudly on the kitchen counter and purifies every drop of water that the family consumes.

The decision to live on the bus was not taken lightly. Eight years ago, they were already considering this step, but had chosen to stay on their farm to offer a stable environment to their young children.

Now that their children are a little older and more adaptable, the time seemed right.

The bus was bought last December, and after selling their house, John completed the development in just four months.

The optimization of space continues in the bathroom and sleeping areas. The bathroom is equipped with a small sink next to the shower, allowing multitasking.

Each family member has their own drawer for their belongings, and the children have enthusiastically adopted their individual bunk beds.

The sleeping quarters are far from the previous arrangement — a shared family bed on their farm.

The outside of the bus is as functional as the inside. It can hold 125 gallons of fresh water and 75 gallons of wastewater, as well as two propane tanks for the outdoor kitchen.

Security cameras provide an extra level of security and give the family a feeling of tranquility when they explore new territories.

For AJ and John, the possibility of building another bus or even offering personalized buses to other people is possible.

The bus is not only a home for them, it is a way of life that embodies their family motto — to be «wild»: uncontrollable, always adaptable and constantly evolving.

With infinite horizons in sight, this family’s journey is far from over, and their history illustrates the unlimited possibilities of life on the move.

Watch the full tour in the video below!

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