A girl in a wheelchair cannot take part in a school walk until the teacher decides to take her with him

Ryan, 10, has a fractured spine, so she has to use a wheelchair. This created big problems when her class went camping. When the fourth graders of the American elementary school where Ryan studies found out that they were going to hike to the waterfalls in Ohio, they were delighted. They will not only be able to see the huge waterfall but also spend the whole day walking together.

When the girl’s mother Shelly found out about the hike, she decided to go to the museum with her daughter on the same day. While the other kids were enjoying the adventure, Ryan was doing what was physically possible for her.

That’s when the schoolteacher decided to help Ryan’s mother. He told her, «I can carry her, it’s okay…» He was such a caring person, wanting to make sure that the girl didn’t feel left out. He made her feel like she was just like all her classmates,» says Shelly, her mother.

Although Shelly said that everything was fine and that she and her daughter could go to the museum instead of this trip, Jim took matters into his own hands. It was unthinkable for him to leave ten-year-old Ryan, because she was in a wheelchair. With the help of a large baby carrier, he was able to take the girl with him.

Jim returned with them to the waterfalls. Judging by the photos, they spent a very fun day with Ryan’s classmates. Here’s what Shelly wrote on her Facebook page after their return: «If I haven’t told you enough about my children’s school yet, read this. Today they are going on an excursion to the Ohio Waterfalls. This is clearly not an option for us. I was preparing with my wheelchair-bound daughter for an «alternative journey» until the teacher contacted me and said: «I would love to take her on a field trip with me!» She is so happy to be a part of this event, and it warms my heart.»

These wonderful people need to be shown to the world so that they inspire others.

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