A policeman surprises a 7-year-old boy who sells lemonade with a pair of new sneakers for school

Who doesn’t love the good old lemonade stand?

There is nothing better than meeting a child who is looking forward to selling you a glass of cold lemonade on a bright sunny day.
Recently, a boy named Landen was selling lemonade and cookies near his house when a police officer approached him. The boy’s grandmother captured their conversation and posted it on Facebook.

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Officer Perez of the Ansonia Police Department in Connecticut took the time to chat with Landen and asked him what he was going to do with the money earned from selling lemonade.
Landen replied that he needed to buy blue sneakers for school.

They ended the conversation, and Officer Perez went about his business.

After a while, Officer Perez returned to the lemonade stand of a seven-year-old boy, and this time he had something for Landen-a pair of blue sneakers.
Landen was delighted, to put it mildly.

“He made my baby’s day yesterday and not only that, he made him feel like a king,” Wendelyn Narvaez said of Officer Perez.
Days later Narvaez shared a photo of Landen happily sporting his new sneakers.

Ansonia Police Chief Wayne Williams reacted to Perez’s action by saying that officers like Perez are «just the ones we all want to hire.»

It really is. We often hear about the bad deeds of the police, but not about the good ones. It was such a kind gesture.

Please share with us if you want to hear more stories about police officers doing good in their community.

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