A story that teaches us to stop and listen

One day a farmer discovered that he had lost his watch in the hay barn. Although it was of no value, the watch was dear to the farmer as a gift from a loved one.

After a fruitless long search up and down the barn, he gave up. There was no more strength. When he saw the boys playing nearby, he decided to ask them for help and promised a reward to whoever would find his watch in the hay.

When the boys heard this, they rushed to the barn and searched the whole haystack from top to bottom, but they couldn’t find the watch. And just as the farmer was about to give up trying to find the clock, a little boy came up to him and asked for another chance. The farmer looked at him and thought, why not, especially the child looked sincere enough. So the farmer sent the boy to the barn.

What was his amazement when, some time later, the boy came out of the barn with the clock in his hand. The farmer, overjoyed, curiously asked how he had managed to do what the other boys had failed at. The boy replied:

«I didn’t do anything. I just sat on the floor and listened. In the silence I heard them ticking, went in the direction of the sound and found them.»

A calm, serene mind can think better than an excited and agitated one. Sometimes we just need to stop and start listening.

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