A veteran and a loyal dog die within a few hours of each other

When Daniel Hove was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, family and friends came together to help the Air Force veteran get through this difficult time.

But no one supported him better than Daniel’s faithful dog, Shooter, an 11-year-old dog who rarely left his owner.

«They were best friends until the very end,» Daniel’s daughter Heather Nicoletti told Kare. «They were friends and went everywhere together. »

So no one was surprised that when Daniel was lying down, his faithful dog suddenly fell ill.

«When my father was restless, the dog was restless the same,» his daughter said, remembering.


«The father did not answer, the dog did not answer. So, as soon as we saw that the dog wasn’t moving much, wasn’t feeling well-we knew this was going to happen.»

One day, when the old dog became more sluggish, and his paws began to swell, Heather realized that, unfortunately, the dog needed to be euthanized.

«I called the veterinary clinic where I worked,» she said. About an hour and a half after the dog was euthanized, my father also died.

The girl was upset at the thought of losing her father — a loving parent, a loyal veteran. Heather was comforted by the fact that her father at least didn’t have to say goodbye to his beloved dog.

Such a separation would be equally heartbreaking for the dog who could never bear to be separated from his human best friend.

«We knew they were going to leave together. We just didn’t know it would be a difference in hours.»

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