A woman noticed a skinny cat that was in desperate need of love

A woman noticed this stray cat on the street. She was in a sad state, and it was impossible to look at her without pity. The skinny baby, covered with scabies, was in great need of warmth and care.

She took the cat to the veterinarians, who found severe scabies on her skin and prescribed her medications. They also warned that her damaged foot would need to be removed later. Maria took the cat to her home for temporary care and began to treat it.
The woman gave the cat the nickname Bella. At first, she was very afraid of everything around her, and did not even leave her cat-house. But later, Bella began to trust her guardian more and more. In addition, she was recovering, and after a few days, her skin and fur recovered.
Maria was happy to watch the kitty blossom. Soon she started playing for the first time, she had a good appetite, she became more active, and showed more affection to the guardian. It only remained to solve the problem with the paw, which Bella still could not use…
After the examination, the veterinarian delighted Maria with the news — Bella’s paw could be saved. She was given a special splint, with which she constantly walked. After a while, the guardian began to notice that Bella uses this paw more — which means that the paw is being restored!
Now Bella is a happy kitty. Although she continues her journey to full recovery, there are people who love her with all their hearts, and she will never be on the street again!
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