A young girl found an old man in an abandoned house and set out to help him

Entering a neglected old home is not easy for everyone, as the unknown can bring unsuspected fears and threats behind the door.

Let us tell you the story of a Canadian explorer specializing in the search for abandoned and mysterious places. One day, as she entered one of these houses, she realized she wasn’t alone…

Leslie Muir devotes herself to exploring and photographing abandoned houses. A few years ago, she decided to explore a house that had long intrigued her and which, as she put it at the time, «captured her heart». The path leading to it was overgrown with wild weeds, the roof had collapsed and the dilapidated appearance of the place clearly indicated that no human being had set foot in it for a long time.

As she entered the house, ready to take photos, she suddenly realized she wasn’t alone… Leslie heard noises and moved forward to determine their source. That’s when she met a lonely old man, named Lawrence, in the living room.

«He had trouble getting around, which is why he spent most of his time here», the adventuress confided.

One eye was missing and the other was affected by cataracts. However, she realized that his disquieting appearance actually hid a very kind, gentle and benevolent man. From that moment on, Lawrence found a friend in the young girl. She regularly visited him, cleaned the house and cooked for him. They often shared meals together.

Leslie learned that the man had been injured by a bull, fracturing his hip, but before that he had suffered a stroke, which prevented him from seeking medical help for four whole days. Leslie noticed that Lawrence’s health was beginning to deteriorate, so she decided to move him from his crumbling house to a local nursing home. Now he’s happy, at least surrounded by other people.

The girl still continues to visit him, bringing her dog named Violet, and his mom also comes to visit from time to time.

«He just needs a friend… Someone to make sure he’s okay,» Muir says.

She hopes Lawrence’s story will encourage people to reconnect with those they’ve lost touch with, whatever the reason.

«Even though they’re all old now, their souls are still full of life and I consider myself lucky to have met him,» says Leslie.

And the old man feels the same way about her:

«I’ve always been a lonely person, but she’s rekindled my life.»

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