A young man helped an old woman change a tire. But he had no idea what would happen next

The man was driving down a country road and saw a car parked on the side of the road. There, hunched over, sat a woman who looked worried. So the young man decided to stop and help her.

The woman became alarmed when a stranger approached her. What’s on his mind? Was someone willing to come to her rescue?

But since she could not fix the wheel herself, she had no choice. The lady gave the man the spare tire, and he changed it very quickly.

The woman thanked the guy and offered to pay him for his work. But he did not see fit to charge her for her help. He told her:

«Just think of me when you see someone in need. Think of Brian Anderson and return the favor.»

The man left. And the old woman was so impressed by the kindness of this man that she felt dizzy. Then she got into her Mercedes, drove a little up the road, and stopped outside the diner.

There she was greeted by a smiling waitress and offered a towel to dry her rain-soaked hair. And then the old lady noticed that the waitress was late in her pregnancy. She must have been very tired, but in spite of that she looked like the nicest person on earth.

The elderly woman ordered lemonade and drank it quickly. Then she remembered Brian Anderson. She paid for her drink with a $100 bill, and when the waitress went to change the money, she quickly slipped out of the diner and left.

The waitress saw a note written on a napkin:

«A very kind man helped me on my way, now I’m helping you.» Inside the napkin was another $400.

The waitress’s head was spinning. A baby was due next month, and these next few weeks promised to be very difficult. She folded the bills, put them in her pocket, and finished her shift.

A few hours later, the waitress finally came home. She climbed into bed and, thinking how lucky she was, leaned over to her husband, kissed him on the forehead, and said: «I love you, Brian Anderson.»

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