All she said to me was: «Daddy, come downstairs with Mommy real quick, please.» And she hung up. My wife and I felt very nervous when my daughter said that

I picked up my daughter from school. And on the way home, she was telling me what a good student she was: she was obedient at school and did all her homework while in after-school group. I knew right away that she wasn’t just telling me her accomplishments for the day. Just as I thought, my daughter stopped, turned to me and said:

«Daddy, I’ve been a good girl today. Can I go for a walk with Sofia? We’ll go rollerblading.»

I looked into those beautiful eyes and couldn’t help but let her. After all, her childhood is the best time of her life, so let her enjoy her childhood as much as she can.

While my daughter was rollerblading with her friend, my wife and I cooked dinner and told each other the news we had learned that day. While we were talking, we didn’t notice how 2:00 went by. She and I would have sat at the table for a very long time if our daughter hadn’t called. All she said to me was:

«Daddy, will you come downstairs with Mommy real quick, please?»

And she hung up. My wife and I both froze inside at the words of our daughter. We immediately left everything and quickly flew into the courtyard of our house.

We ran out and saw two large men standing outside our daughter and her friend. On the way to them, all I had in my mind was that I was not going to talk to them, but to start communicating without words. My wife walked beside me and was all shaking with fear and worry for the children. She didn’t understand what they wanted from the girls.

And so we walk up to these men, and at this time they are thanking our daughter for being such a well-behaved and kind-hearted girl. And as we approached, we began to hear what good parents we are and how we raised a beautiful daughter. After all, she is already helping people at such a young age. At this time, my wife and I were the most nervous and didn’t understand what was going on. Because we were coming here with thoughts of calling the police and dealing with them. And in fact we met some nice men who also thanked us for raising our daughter like that.

It turned out that when our girls were out for a walk, they saw two men getting out of a car and one of them lost his wallet. The man didn’t notice and went on about his business. And my daughter drove up on her roller skates, took the wallet and quickly caught up with the man and gave him his loss. He was very grateful to her for that, because just that day he had received his paycheck and his wallet was full of a variety of bills. He began to thank my daughter and decided to give her money for her noble act. And she got scared and called her mom and dad, because we had taught her never to take anything from strangers.

At the end, the man gave us that money anyway, as a sign of gratitude. My wife and I decided to give it to our daughter to spend on her own entertainment or other goodies. We all went home together, and my wife and I walked home full of pride that we had raised such a child. In my heart I was infinitely happy and proud of my daughter.

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