An adult bear lives in the family of his rescuers

23 years ago, a little bear appeared in the family of Russians Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko, whom they found in the forest. The animal lost its mother, so people decided to keep it with them, since it would not survive in the forest on its own.

Since then, Stepan, as the bear was nicknamed «foster parents», has been living in the family of his rescuers.

Stepan has been living with people since 3 months and during this time he has completely become domesticated.

Now the bear is already an adult. He weighs more than a hundred kilograms, and his height exceeds 2 meters.

Stepan is watching TV with his «parents».

Every day the animal needs 25 kg of fish, vegetables and eggs. His favorite food is condensed milk.

He is also very hardworking and helps with the housework.

Svetlana and Yuri say that in his entire life, the bear has never shown aggression towards people.

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