An overweight girl got engaged to a personal trainer: criticism and ridicule from social media users do not stop

When 29-year-old Jenna Kutcher from America married fitness trainer Drew 11 years ago, she never imagined she would have to make excuses for it in the future. However, that’s exactly what she does periodically on her microblog.

On her Instagram page, Jenna publishes happy photos of her family. But among her followers, some believe that she does not deserve such a beautiful trim husband. After all, the girl herself has very lush forms.

Jenna’s husband does sports every day and has pumped-up abs because he works in a gym. And the girl writes that she does not like physical exercises at all, but loves to eat delicious food.

Previously, Jenna was very worried about this, wore loose clothes, and hid her body from prying eyes. Then she took her self-esteem seriously and started a page where she regularly showed everyone that girls of size 52 are very beautiful.

Jenna has many fans who thank her for her inspiration and wonderful example. And the girl recently responded to criticism quite emotionally.

According to her, not only girls with model looks deserve happiness and love. After all, her husband loves all the kilograms of his wife and every curve of her body.

«I am more than my body and so is my husband. True love doesn’t look at size,» Jenna wrote.

Followers supported the girl and wrote a lot of good words:

«Jenna, I look at your page every day and I am energized by your positive energy.»

«You are beautiful both inside and out. And your husband is lucky to have such a woman.»

«A woman should not devote her life to constantly embellishing herself. Above all, naturalness.»

«All your kilos are beautiful.»

«Thank you for your photos and posts. I follow your example.»

«Don’t pay attention to those who are jealous of your family.»

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