Baby named ‘Mowgli’ after birth with two inches of black hair

One look at little Oscar Jones and you’d be forgiven for thinking that he looks uncannily like Mowgli from The Jungle Book. The baby was said to have been born with nearly two inches of jet black hair attached to his head. His lush locks were said to be visible on scans while he was still in the womb, but doctors estimated them to be about half an inch thick.

Needless to say, his parents were surprised by the amount of hair when he appeared. According to reports, they had to take him for his first haircut just eight weeks after birth. Parents Sara Morris, 36, and Joshua Jones, 29, say they often get admirers commenting on his hair when they are out and about.

Now that Oscar is 20 weeks old, Sara says they nicknamed him Mowgli. She said, «We really couldn’t believe what a scalp he had when he was born! It’s not something you see very often! His hair was and is very thick and very black. Joshua and I both have brown hair, although he looks more like his father than me in that respect. «I think Oscar is aware that he has a lot of hair. When we put it down, he’ll put his arms above his head and play with it. But he starts crying when he accidentally pulls them down because his fingers get caught!

Sara suffered from gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with Oscar. After a particular week in May when she had intense heartburn, she and Joshua decided to go to the doctor. That’s when, in scans, they saw Oscar’s hair for the first time. «We went for a regular checkup and found that Oscar already had 1 cm of hair. So we expected him to have some hair on his head when he was born. But we didn’t expect as much as we got!

«I looked at him and said, ‘He looks like Mowgli!’ Everyone else looked and said, ‘Yes, you’re right, he is Mowgli!» Joshua’s parents have called him little Mowgli ever since. It started because of his hair, but he’s also very naughty, so I think he’ll stay!» At the time of writing, little Oscar has almost five inches of black hair on his head. Maybe if I ask him nicely he’ll lend me some! What a naughty little Oscar is. And what cute hair. Share this with your friends and family.

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