Bride left speechless after receiving beautiful surprise from groom on wedding day

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to make things right, God has other plans.

Becky is a woman who tragically lost her son Tristan, who was just 19 years old at the time he left this world. Her grief was immense. She couldn’t possibly imagine her life without her child, but over time, her loved ones helped her accept the reality and move on.

Around two years after Tristan’s passing, Becky was about to marry the love of her life, a man named Kelly.

On the day of their wedding, the two decided to leave an empty seat in Tristan’s honor with a heartwarming message written on it. “What should I do now that I’ve arrived in heaven for your wedding? I will stoop to your level in order to spend it with you. Please save me a seat, even if there is only one available chair. Although you might not notice me, I shall be present.”

As the ceremony proceeded, Kelly informed Becky that there was someone there who wanted to see her. A young man who took Tristan’s chair. When she saw him, Becky wasn’t mad. On the contrary, spotting the young man, she was overwhelmed and couldn’t stop tears from rolling down her face.

That man, Jacob, was the recipient of Tristan’s heart. Tristan was an organ donor, and Jacob wasn’t the only person whose life he saved.

When Kelly informed Jacob that he and Becky are getting married and invited him to the ceremony, Jacob was more than willing to travel from San Diego in order to attend it. It was a beautiful surprise that warmed Becky’s heart and made her day. She felt like her son was present on her wedding day.

Becky was then given a stethoscope so that she could hear her late son’s heartbeat. It was an emotional moment no one could ever forget.

Someone snapped photos of the beautiful surprise and shared it on Facebook. The story went viral in a matter of days and many praised Kelly for his love for Becky.

Many people took their time to comment, with one person writing: “Why is it that we can’t just have one news channel that is dedicated to delivering uplifting and motivational stories like this one? If only the goodness and thoughtfulness that exists in the world were distributed more widely, it could inspire more of the same.”

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