Child exposes stepfather who cheated entire family to receive grandmother’s inheritance

«Get out of here, Bruno,» Gregorio said to his stepson as the little boy watched TV in the living room.

«But it’s time for my favorite show!», Bruno replied as he got up from the couch.

«Nobody cares. Go to your room and don’t bother,» Gregorio said, sitting down on the couch to watch TV himself.

Bruno cried as he went up to his grandmother’s room instead of his own. She gave him a tight hug as he continued to cry.

«What’s wrong, honey?» grandma Nelly asked him.

«Gregorio kicked me out of the living room just as I was about to start my favorite program. Why is he so mean and grumpy?» she asked.

«Oh, dear,» Grandma Nelly said, stroking Bruno’s back to comfort him. «I’m sorry you had to go through that experience again. Would you like to see it? Grandma’s TV works… And I have french fries we can eat together.» «What do you say?»

Bruno wiped away tears and wore a big smile.

«You’re the best, Grandma! I’d love to watch my favorite show with you!».

Bruno spent the whole afternoon with Grandma Nelly in her room, where they watched their TV and laughed together while eating potato chips and drinking tea as a snack.

One day, Bruno heard his mother and stepfather talking. Gregory was telling Lucy what he would like to do with the house once Grandma Nelly died, telling her that they could sell it and buy a smaller apartment so they could do whatever they wanted with the money.

Lucy was silent whenever Gregorio talked about her mother’s death. He had a bad temper and she didn’t want to upset him.

Bruno cried as he overheard the conversation because they were talking about the death of his beloved grandmother.

«I don’t want Grandma to die,» he said to himself. «Please, God, don’t take Grandma away from me!».

On Grandma Nelly’s 80th birthday, Bruno saw his stepfather pouring something into his grandmother’s drink. Gregorio looked at the boy and glared back.

«You didn’t see anything or I’ll punish you!» he threatened him.

The boy knew what it was like to be punished by Gregorio, and it was something he never wanted to experience again. However, he loved his grandmother too much to let anything happen to her.

«Grandma, don’t drink from that cup. Gregorio has put something in it,» he whispered to her.

Grandma Nelly was startled and decided to confront her daughter.

«Lucy! Did you know?» she asked. «How could you do this to me!».

Even Lucy was shocked by what Gregorio had done and could not believe that the man she had married was capable of doing such a thing, especially to her mother. She decided to give Gregorio the protection of the doubt and did not confront him about what Bruno had accused him of doing.

When they finally confronted him, Gregorio scoffed.

«How can you believe what an 8 year old boy says! Don’t believe him. He watches too many TV shows that get into his head,» he tried to lie.

Grandma Nelly knew she could no longer trust Gregorio and Lucy, and wanted them out of her house. Bruno begged her to stay with him, and she agreed because she was afraid of what Gregorio might do to Bruno.

That day, after Gregorio and Lucy left, Grandma Nelly checked the hidden surveillance cameras in the main areas of the house that Gregorio had no idea about. She saw it all and got angry.

A couple of days later, Grandma Nelly asked Gregorio and Lucy to come home. She said she had some important papers they needed to sign, and this made Gregorio euphoric.

«Oh, thank goodness your mother believed me and not your gossipy son! She’s going to give us her inheritance,» he said as they drove to Grandma Nelly’s house.

When they arrived, Lucy went straight to hug her son and her mother. Then Nelly handed the papers to Gregorio.

«Thank you for trusting us with this,» Gregorio said with a big smile on his face. «You’re leaving your fortune in good hands!»

«Of course I do,» said Grandma Nelly.

Gregorio, without even reading the papers, signed in the highlighted area that had his name printed on it. He handed it back to her and asked:

«So, when will we transfer the papers into our names?»

Grandma Nelly smiled with satisfaction.

«I’ll transfer them into Lucy and Bruno’s name as soon as I can,» she revealed.

«As for you, thank you for signing the divorce papers. You’ll be hearing from our lawyers soon.»

Gregorio’s eyes widened as he tried to retrieve the papers from Nelly’s hands again.

«No!» he shouted. «I’m not divorcing Lucy! What are you talking about?» he yelled.

«Either you leave here peacefully, or we call the police and charge you with attempted murder. Your choice, Gregorio,» Lucy told him. «I can’t believe I married a monster like you.»

Gregorio’s worst fear was going to jail, so he decided to let the matter drop. He drove off in his car and never showed his face to Grandma Nelly, Lucy or Bruno again.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Bruno lived with Grandma Nelly. They spent a lot of time together as a family. Eventually, they inherited the house and continued to live there until Bruno grew up.

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