Dog swam to shore for 11 hours to call for help to drowning owner

German Shepherd Heidi was discovered in the early morning in Moreton Bay in Australia by a random fisherman. The dog was swimming next to a fishing tackle box, a wetsuit and other things. He fished the emaciated animal out of the water and reported the discovery to the Coast Guard.

An hour later, a helicopter, four rescue boats, as well as the coast guard and a rescue team of a volunteer organization arrived at the scene. It was clear that a boat with an unknown number of people had sunk somewhere.

It was decided to take the dog to dry land. But she kept whining and throwing herself into the water again, as if trying to show the way to the rescuers. A few hours later, the owner of the shepherd was discovered. The old man clung to the edge of the boat, which was already almost completely submerged in the water. As he later said, he lost control of the ship, and the night before it began to sink. At some point, everything got out of control. He was thrown in one direction, and the dog in the other.

According to the police report, Heidi spent about 11 hours in the water looking for help for her owner. It’s a miracle she survived and didn’t drown. The dog was very tired, but did not stop swimming. Fortunately, neither the owner nor his pet were injured and were soon able to reunite.

The meeting was touching. According to the man, all 15 hours that he drifted in the water, he did not stop hoping that Heidi would find help. And he is very grateful that she was able to do it. For his heroism , the shepherd was awarded the title of honorary police dog .

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