Don’t send me back to the kids’ home. Oh, please!

We decided several years ago to adopt a baby. We tried for years to have a baby of our own, but it didn’t work out. When we took Maria home, she was 5 years old. At first everything was great. The girl grew up in love, she wasn’t denied anything, because we wanted to do our best.

Everything changed when I found out I was pregnant. It really is a miracle, because the doctors had given me an infertility diagnosis. Apparently, this is thanks to us for making an orphan happy.

— Maria, you’re about to have a brother or sister. Isn’t that great? — I once told my daughter.

— Don’t! I didn’t ask!

— Why don’t you want to? We’ll play together, we’ll be friends.

— I don’t want a baby! You’ll take care of him, and I’ll be bored. You’ll forget me because I’m from an orphanage.

— Don’t say that, daughter. We love you very much, so get that nonsense out of your head.

From that moment on, Maria became aggressive and spiteful. I hoped that everything would work out soon, and my daughter would stop being jealous of our unborn child. But as time passed, it only got worse.

Maria used to smear my husband’s shirts with lipstick, hide our personal belongings, and do other pranks that soon became serious problems. Recently I noticed that she was stealing money from my purse. And not insignificant amounts! Not only that, my daughter started being rude to me and doing everything possible to make me fall for her provocations.

I woke up early that day to make pancakes for Maria. I had to take care of the «difficult child» myself, since my husband was always away at work. When I went to her room, I noticed that my daughter was gone. I called my husband. He quit his job and rushed home.

I couldn’t find a place to stay, even though I knew I shouldn’t be nervous in my situation. I was afraid of losing my daughter, because she could do anything to herself. We drove around all the parks and public places where she usually walked, but she was nowhere to be found. Then I remembered about the abandoned pond.

There was a small hut where we used to bring all sorts of presents. Maria and I used to go there often, because the place is very beautiful and not many people know about it.

When I ran into the hut, I saw Maria. She was cold, her knees were bent and she was crying.

— You gave us such a fright, my daughter,- I whispered.

— Do not give me back to the orphanage. Please! — Maria cried.

— How silly you are! How could you get such a thing into your head? We love you very much and will never give you back to anyone.

My husband came up to us and hugged us. It was good that everything ended on a positive note.

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