Dreaming of having a son and giving birth to three sets of twins. How the large family is living now.

The couple was eager to have a son and did not lose hope. In the end, the boy was born, but only on the fourth attempt.

Meredith Maitland, an American from San Francisco, gave birth to her first set of twins, Gabriella and Julia, 21 years ago when she was only 19. A little later, Meredith and her husband decided that they needed a son to be completely happy.

However, nature is sometimes very ironic. In July 2008, Elsa and Lucia were born. Three years later, Meredith became pregnant. This time the pregnancy was singleton, but the couple was again expecting a girl. «You can’t imagine how easy it is, after having twins, to have a baby.» Meredith became pregnant again 2 years later. She and her husband did not doubt that this time it would be a boy.

Along with her son, Meredith also had a daughter. She later gave birth to a third set of twins, making her a busy mother of many little ones. Meredith usually does laundry once a week, on Thursdays, and it involves 10 to 12 loads of laundry.

Fortunately, this amazing woman faced challenges and even wrote a book on time management for mothers of large families. Additionally, the occurrence of twins may be attributed to a genetic predisposition.

Women with higher levels tend to produce more eggs, which can increase the chances of pregnancy. Although multiple pregnancies can be complex and risky, they often end well in the end.

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