Everyone was eagerly awaiting the arrival of their shared children! What will the three heirs of this extraordinary couple be like?

The love story of Olga and Mathias is similar to the exciting plot of a TV series, but it actually happened. Before the fateful meeting, Olga was already married.

She strives to be a good wife and mother, but her first husband doesn’t appreciate her much, allowing himself many liberties towards his wife. When her husband raised his hand to her once again, Olga decided to leave him. At that time, the woman already had three children, and she didn’t even think about a second marriage, focusing instead on independently raising her offspring.

However, Olga sometimes visited dating sites, more out of curiosity and for communication. This is where she met Mathias. The man came to Russia in search of work and managed to adapt well. The guy immediately liked Olga, and the presence of the woman’s children did not bother him at all.

However, Olga was skeptical of Mathias at first, and the woman’s family did not warmly accept the dark-skinned «boyfriend». But over time, Mathias managed to show Olga the sincerity of his feelings. And the guy’s family was delighted with his «heartfelt girlfriend.»

Today, Olga and Matthias are a happy couple. The man managed to get along with Olga’s children, and she herself gave her beloved husband two daughters and a son, who inherited traits from both father and mother.

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