Family buries dog after car crash: but the next day their dog shows up at their door

Unfortunately, tragic events happen to pets. And it gets even more complicated if there are kids who need to hear this bad news. Dad Glenn Maloney just witnessed a car crash with the family dog Magsy. And he was convinced that the four-legged pet was killed by the impact of the car.

The father, as it were, had to tell the children that Magsy, a faithful 4-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, had passed away, And this, of course, would have been a difficult conversation.

At about 15:00 Magsy was hit by a car near the house of Villa Thistle.

It seemed that all hope was lost. The dog was hit by a car while Glenn was watching the children Megan and Kevin. When he heard the impact on the car, he told them to stay in the house, as they did not need to witness this terrible event.

Glenn immediately went to look at the puppy. According to the man, he was not breathing and there was no heartbeat. He decided to bury the dog before telling the children.


«I was very upset. So I buried him quickly and didn’t even tell the kids,» he told Maloney Oprah. «I didn’t have the courage to tell the children. Magsy was dead.»

When it finally came time to tell the kids about it, they decided to have a ceremony in the backyard to say goodbye to the dog.

Little Megan wanted to put a cross on the grave, and Dad told her that they would do it the next morning. After they prayed and said goodbye to their four-legged friend, the family returned home, heartbroken

However, the next day they were completely shocked when they heard a noise at 5:30 in the morning.

It was a scratching sound coming from the door. Maloney decided to check it out.

When he opened the door, Magsy jumped into his arms!

The family couldn’t believe what had just happened and even thought it was all incredibly scary. Glenn’s girlfriend thought he must have buried another dog that looked like Magsy. But Maloney assured her that he was 100% sure it was Magsy, because of the identification tags.

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