Grandma Goes Mission Impossible While Dangling A 7 Y.O. From The 5th Floor to Rescue Her Cat

If the idea that your pet is more precious to you than anything else has ever crossed your mind, watching this video from China might prompt you to reconsider your priorities. This grandma seems to have a different set of priorities. Upon noticing her cat sitting on a ledge one floor below, her seemingly best idea for rescuing the feline involved risking the life of her own grandchild, dangling him from the balcony.

Passersby took video of a grandmother hanging her 7-year-old grandson off a balcony to save the cat.

Bystanders recorded a brief video capturing a Chinese grandmother named Hao Hao lowering her 7-year-old grandson down on a rope from a 5th-floor balcony in a daring effort to rescue her cherished cat. The cat was stranded on a ledge just one floor below their apartment. The video depicts the boy balancing on the narrow ledge, supported by a rope held by his grandmother. He manages to place the cat in a bag before both are safely pulled back up by the same grandmother, with assistance from the boy’s uncle.

The poor feline was stuck on a ledge one level below, so she dangled her grandson on a rope

The grandmother, identified solely by her last name Tang, faced widespread criticism after the video gained viral attention on Chinese social media and subsequently worldwide. Wang Ying, a spokesperson for the local housing committee, informed BJ News that they have reprimanded Ms. Tang and raised awareness with her about the incident. She maintains that Hao Hao, the grandson, was not harmed. The spokeswoman further noted that the boy is in first grade, and his parents work in another city, necessitating him to live with his grandparents.

Luckily, the boy was able to get the cat into the bag and they both were pulled up to safety

Ms. Tang said she didn’t feel she was causing her grandson any danger at the time but felt scared for him after watching the footage. Setting that aside, we have to admit one thing – she may not be the most responsible but she’s certainly one hella strong grandma!

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