Grandmother burst into tears after the family gave her a new puppy

This is a delightful moment when grandma unexpectedly gets a new puppy for her. Unfortunately, the old woman’s dog died more than a year ago. And all she wanted was another furry friend. Therefore, the granddaughter decided to fulfill this dream and took a puppy for her.

Alexandra Del Sima from California noticed that her grandparents wanted a new puppy. She decided to surprise them in the most beautiful way.

«My grandparents’ dog died very unexpectedly and suddenly last year,» the young woman wrote on Twitter. «They have been asking for a puppy for several months. »
Alexandra was looking for a puppy for adoption when one of her friends informed her that his dog had a litter of puppies. When the puppy was about 9 weeks old, Alexandra put it in a box and handed it to her grandmother.

To make this moment even more special, she wrote «knitting and the like» on the box so that her grandmother would never guess what was inside.

The woman’s reaction when she realized that she really had a charming fluffy baby was very touching. Startled to tears, she picked up a small ball of fur and hugged him.

Alexandra was so happy that she was able to give such happiness to her loved ones. Although she could not imagine that her grandmother would react so sensually

«Everything was perfect,» she said. «Her reaction was much better than I could have imagined. «

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