Homeless grandmother refused to go to the shelter:she doesn’t want to leave her dogs on the street.

A homeless grandmother refused to go to the shelter despite the frosty weather because she was worried about her dogs.
Faithful four-legged friends did not leave Chole at the most difficult moment of her life. So she wasn ‘t going to betray them either.

65-year-old Lucy Maria Olmedo Beltran, known to residents of Tijuana, Mexico, as Chole.

The old woman has been living on the street for eight years, carrying all her things in a garbage bag and sleeping in it.

Every day the police persuade the grandmother to go to a homeless shelter. But she still categorically refuses, because animals are not allowed there.

For eight years, Chole has been taking care of stray dogs, which have become a new family for her. They spent the night together in a warm bag. The woman took care of them as best she could.

Six dogs did not leave her in the most difficult times, so Chole did not want to leave them to their fate.

Recently, the police still managed to persuade the old woman to survive a frosty night in the shelter.

Now they have found a shelter for Chole, She was allowed to live there with dogs. According to her, the shelter is in poor condition, but costs only 50 pesos a day.

The grandmother hopes that her story will inspire the government to help. Chole dreams of her own shelter, where she can take care of dogs and save other homeless animals.

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