Husband is making repairs to the house and the ceiling collapses on him and a hidden purse with a wedding photo album falls out of it

Life often throws us unexpected surprises at the most inopportune moments. One minute you’re going about your daily business, and the next you’re embarking on an adventure. A couple from Florida learned this lesson from their own experience while renovating their home.

Bobby Kapsidis was renovating his kitchen, and then the surprise of the century awaited him. Crashing into the ceiling, Bobby saw drywall and insulation falling to the floor. Along with the pieces of building material, there was something else in the hole.

When Bobby tried to take a closer look, the object fell and hit him right in the face.

The bewildered homeowner realized it was an exquisite Cuban alligator wallet. Upon opening it, Bobby and his wife Megan discovered what appeared to be an antique photo album.

The album labelled «Our Children’s Wedding» was dedicated to the marriage of Joseph and Marguerite Garguilo. The beautiful photographs allowed one to immerse themselves in a bygone era. Upon closer look, Bobby and Megan discovered that the Garguilos were married more than 50 years ago.

Tucked among the pages of the album was a wedding invitation dated 14 September 1963. The couple married at St Thomas the Apostle Church in Woodhaven, New York, and the reception was held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Upon finding the album, the Kapsidis were confident that they would locate the Garguilos to return it. They approached the situation diplomatically, with the utmost respect for the Garguilos’ privacy and emotions. Megan conducted an intensive search using social media, showcasing her expertise in online research. Although she initially thought she had struck gold when she found the Garguilos’ phone number, it turned out to be disconnected.

The Kapsidis felt that the search was a delicate matter, as they could be the Garguilos’ only memories of the ceremony.

Thanks to the media’s assistance, Inside Edition was able to locate Marguerite, who currently resides in an assisted living facility in Florida. Unfortunately, Joseph passed away several years ago due to Parkinson’s disease.

Furthermore, Inside Edition discovered another member of the Garguilo family who disclosed that Joseph and Marguerite were not married for very long before getting a divorce.

Megan acknowledges the unfortunate incident that happened to the Garguilos and refers to it as a regrettable event. However, she is confident in her ability to locate a member of the Garguilo family and return the album to its rightful owner. Megan firmly believes that such a valuable item should never be discarded.

What do you think of Bobby and Megan’s story? Have you ever found something in your home left by a former owner? Let us know in the comments and pass this intriguing story along to your friends and family!
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