Husband teases wife for «eating like a pig» until one day he finds her passed out on the floor

Jenny had always been a curvy girl. She was a beautiful woman who enjoyed a good meal and had always been very happy that way.

Everything began to change after her marriage to Tomas a year ago. She had become the target of his attacks and teasing because of her weight and the way she ate.

«You’re going to explode one day if you keep eating like that, Jenny!», Tomas would tell her. «Look at you! We won’t fit in our bed.»

When they were dating, Tomas used to invite her on expensive dates and buy her the most expensive and delicious dishes.

«A couple that eats together, stays together!» he would say with a smile and she would blush.

«I love you, Tomas!» she would reply happily.

Now, he had changed. He hated that Jenny was overweight, overeating and sedentary. The fancy outings were over and Tomas began cutting back on grocery shopping every month.

«We don’t want these calorie-laden foods in the house!» he kept repeating.

«You need to exercise more, Jenny! I’m not making fun of your size. All I want you to be healthy.»

«Now that you’ve gained a few pounds, we won’t go out to eat as often.»

«I’m looking for a gym membership for a couple. You better come with me to the gym…».

Jenny was tired of Tomas and his teasing. He kept pointing out that she was out of shape and never missed an opportunity to remind her that she should go to the gym every day.

One day, they were eating breakfast and Tomas got upset when Jenny took the third piece of toast.

«You’re not eating that!» he said. «You should watch what you eat, Jenny!».

«Tomas!» she exclaimed. «What’s wrong with you, you know how much I love toast!».

«You still have time to get your weight under control. If you don’t stop eating now, you’ll soon be twice your present size, and I don’t want a fat wife! I hope you understand what I mean…».

Jenny didn’t eat the third piece of toast that morning. Tomas’s comment that he wouldn’t want her as a wife if she gained weight had hurt her deeply.

So Jenny stopped eating almost completely and started exercising more. Two days later, they received an invitation to dinner from close friends and couldn’t say no. Jenny’s mouth watered.

Jenny’s mouth watered at the sight of all the food at dinner, but she only chose a slice of bread and some butter for herself.

«Jenny!» her friend Rosa exclaimed. «You love spaghetti, aren’t you going to eat?».

«No, not today,» Jenny said shyly. «I’m fine like this.»

«Come on friend!» encouraged Rosa. «You must eat some! You’re the only one here who enjoys my cooking! My kids are very picky, they don’t like anything!».

«I’m fine like this, Rosa. I’ll just have some bread…», Jenny said, reaching for another slice.

But Tomas snatched it away from her. «Sorry, guys,» he said. «Jenny’s on a diet, but she’s too shy to talk about it,» he said.

«That’s funny, because she’s never cared about her health before… Could you get me some ketchup, honey? I’ll need it for the fries…».

Jenny felt terrible and tears flooded her eyes. She went all the way to the kitchen to get the ketchup, but Tomas wasn’t finished yet. He sent her several more times, for salt, for an extra spoon, and while she was gone, he kept eating and criticizing her.

«You know, physical activity will help her lose fat faster,» he told Rosa. «I think I’ll make her take walks, too — anything that will help her lose weight!».

That night, when they returned home, they had a big argument. Jenny was upset because Tomas had made fun of her in front of everyone and he didn’t seem to care.

«So what do you want me to do, Jenny, let you keep getting fatter? You know what?» he said. «I wouldn’t have to remind you how fat you are if you controlled what you ate! You were going to ruin your diet by eating another piece of buttered toast!».

«It’s not like I wanted to keep eating… Rosa invited us over for dinner and I turned down her food! That was wrong,» she said on the verge of tears.

«It’s wrong for you to keep getting fatter — all those extra pounds won’t do you any good!» he yelled.

«I’m trying, Tomas!» cried Jenny. «I’m going to the gym every day…I’m watching my diet — I’ll show you! Just wait and see.»

Jenny became obsessed with losing weight and promised herself that she would prove to Tomás that she could lose weight. She drank lots of water and ate only one meal a day. She even watched online tutorials on how to lose weight fast and tried everything people suggested.

One night, Tomás came home early from work. He wanted to talk to Jenny about going hiking.

«Jenny! I’m home!» he called, but there was no answer.

«Jenny! Where are you, answer me! I’m exhausted, I’ve been working all day.»

When he received no answer, Tomas entered the bedroom and found Jenny unconscious on the floor.

«What happened, Jenny, oh my God!».

Immediately, he called 911 and ran to the kitchen to get some water to spray on her face, but she didn’t wake up.

Jenny was rushed to the hospital, and when the doctors spoke to Thomas, they didn’t have good news. She was pregnant and on the verge of a miscarriage.

Doctors said some tests were still needed, but she appeared to be out of danger. They advised Tomas to take proper care of her and warned that any stress could cause harm to her and her son.

Jenny was pregnant and Tomas had no idea. He thought about how he had treated her and how much stress he had caused her, and felt he had been the worst husband in the world. To make amends, he begged her forgiveness and gave her her favorite flowers as soon as she woke up.

«I’ll try to be better for you and our baby, Jenny,» he promised.

«What did you just say?» she asked, surprised. «Our baby?»

«You didn’t know either?» said Thomas, taking her hands gently. «You’re pregnant, Jenny! We’re going to be parents! I’m sorry I’ve been a terrible person to you. You don’t need to change. I do.»

«Oh, Tomas!» Jenny put her arms around his neck. «I’m so happy, we’ll be parents soon! Of course I forgive you.»

When Jenny got home from the hospital, Tomas prepared her favorite dinner: spaghetti, salad, and chicken wings.

«Anything to keep you happy and spoil our baby,» he said as he lovingly served her the meal.

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