Marine Guard Ignores Little Boy, Then People Notice What He Does With His Left Hand

A moving and heartwarming movie from 1997 has recently become very popular.

In the famous ad, a boy goes up to a Marine guard and asks him if he is Santa Claus.

At first, though, the guard doesn’t seem to pay attention to the boy; he never looks at him when the boy looks up at him with hope.

The boy is not deterred and goes on to show the guard his Christmas list, hoping that the guard will grant his wishes.

To everyone’s surprise, the guard puts out his left hand and takes the boy’s list.

This moving ad serves a very important purpose: it raises awareness of the Toys For Tots program run by the Marine Corps Reserve.

The program has been around since 1947 and takes new, unwrapped toys every year in October, November, and December.

Then, these toys are given to kids who don’t have as much, sending them a message of hope and helping them become responsible, useful, and patriotic citizens.

This short, 30-second video has a powerful effect that makes people cry even after seeing it many times.

It stands out from other Christmas ads because of the strong message of being kind and giving.

It’s clear that the movie makes people feel strong emotions, and its popularity shows how important it is for organizations like Toys For Tots to bring holiday joy to kids who need it.

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