Meet this 110 cm tall man who became a dad. See what his 3-year-old daughter looks like

James Lasted, a 34-year-old Briton, has already made a significant impact. He became a famous actor and BBC television personality, despite being only 110 cm tall. Even as a child, James seemed indifferent to his height. This trait was constantly highlighted as a «highlight» of his personality.

He is able to maintain his self-confidence in any situation or condition. That’s why, when he met Chloé, he knew: «She will definitely fall in love with me!» Chloé and James started dating in the summer of 2014 and both clearly remember their first date.

After the meeting, they went to a restaurant for lunch. When Chloé, who is 170 cm tall, sat down next to James, who was only 60 cm shorter than her, the difference was only 60 cm. When the young woman asked for a menu, the waiter quickly handed it to her.

His partner also received a notebook and a set of pencils. A waitress took James for a boy and served him first. During this evening full of laughter, joy and smiles, Chloé and James got close enough to announce their engagement and immediately begin their great adventure together.

James and Chloé got married in the summer of 2016. The initial prediction of 80 guests suddenly increased to almost three times that number. News of James and Chloé’s beautiful family quickly spread around the world. The Lasteds learned in 2018 that their family would be expanding. Moreover, they could not contain their joy at this development. James received the gift of fatherhood in February this year.

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