Nurse cares for blind millionaire for 10 years and one day learns she’s his daughter

Alice began working for Martin after leaving the foster care system when she was 17 years old. Her caregiver suggested she take the job, as she was friends with the blind man.

One day, Alice was making Martin breakfast, his favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich, when they began to reminisce about the first time they met.

«Tell me, Alice, how long has it been since you started working here?» asked Martin.

«Hmmm, I think it’s been ten years, sir. I remember that time very well. I was afraid to leave the foster home because I thought no one would hire me. Then, your wife said you needed a nurse, and here I am!».

Martin nodded. «That’s right, it’s been ten years. Time flies, doesn’t it?» he said, taking the sandwich Alice had prepared for him. At that very moment, Martin’s son Andrew came into the kitchen.

«Why do you only make breakfast for daddy? You’re a slave, you’re supposed to serve everyone at home,» he taunted Alice.

The word «slave» made Alice’s stomach twist and she nearly cried.

«Andrew!» cried Martin. «How dare you call Alice a slave! Insult her one more time and you can forget you’re my son! Get out of here before you make me even angrier,» he said.

Andrew shook his head and slowly walked out of the kitchen.

«I don’t understand why you favor her over your own son,» he muttered as he left.

Martin apologized to Alice and asked her to have breakfast with him. She agreed, but sat in silence. She still couldn’t believe Andrew called her a slave.

«I sense that you are sad,» Martin said to Alice. «I’m sorry for how my children treat you. I don’t know what my wife and I did to make them grow up like this.»

«That’s all right, sir. I’m here for you anyway, not them. I’m very lucky to have you as my boss. You are so kind to me, and that’s all that matters. I see you as the only father figure I’ve ever had in my life,» Alice admitted.

Martin’s face suddenly broke down when he heard this. However, he slowly recovered and tried to smile again.

«Your birthday is coming up, isn’t it?» he asked her.

«Yes, sir. My birthday is in three days,» Alice replied.

«We’ll celebrate,» the man said.

Three days later, Alice turned 30. When she went to prepare breakfast, Martín was already in the kitchen with a smile on his face. Next to him were his children Andres, Javier, Lucia and Eva.

Alice looked at the wall clock, which read six in the morning. She began to panic that she had not prepared breakfast on time, as she knew that Martín and his children usually woke up at eight o’clock.

«Alice, are you here?» asked Martin.

«Yes, sir,» Alice said frantically. «I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were getting up early today. I’ll have breakfast ready soon,» she expressed, hurrying to get some ingredients out of the fridge.

«Come on, Alice. We’re starving,» Lucia scoffed.

«Breakfast can wait,» Martin suddenly interrupted. «I have a present waiting for you outside, Alice. Happy 30th birthday,» he said.

«A present outside?» asked Javier.

«You’ve never given me a present that needed us to go outside,» added Eva.

Alice led Martin out the door, while her four children followed behind. When they got out, a small car with a bow on top was waiting for them.

«Unbelievable! Are you serious?» commented Andrew.

«It’s not fair! Why are you giving a carriage to your maid?» said Lucia before walking away in anger.

«Alice has been by my side for ten years. She’s my family and nothing you say will change that,» Martin replied to his children.

That day, Martin organized a small party in Alice’s honor. He also invited his other employees: his gardener, his chauffeur and his housekeeper.

«Thank you, sir. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve your kindness, but I promise to do my job well for as long as you need me,» Alice promised.

Over the years, Alice saw Martin as a father she enjoyed spending time with rather than her boss. Likewise, the man treated Alice as his own daughter.

Martin’s health began to deteriorate when he turned 80. At one point, he felt he was nearing the end of his life, so he asked to see all of his children, including Alice.

«I know everyone has been wondering who I am leaving my inheritance to. Lucia, Eva, Andres and Javier, they already have control of the business I started. They can continue to run it. As for this house, everything in it, and my money, I give it all to Alice.»

«What?! What did this witch tell you?! Why are you leaving your inheritance to her?!» protested Lucia.

«You will hear from my lawyer! From ALL of our lawyers,» said Andrés.

«That’s precisely why I decided to leave everything to Alice; because I knew you were only after my money. Only Alice has taken care of me all these years. And besides, there’s something I haven’t told you,» Martin said.

Before the old man could speak, his four children left in protest. They left him alone with Alice, and he began to speak again.

«I’m sorry it took me so long, but I didn’t want anything to change, so I’m only saying it now. Alice, you are my biological daughter… Your mother left me when she found out I couldn’t marry her. I had to marry someone else. When she died, you were left in the orphanage, and my friend became your caregiver. She only told me you were my daughter when you were 17,» Martin said with tears in his eyes.

«I’m sorry, Alice. I hope I’ve treated you well in the years we’ve known each other. I love you,» he told her.

Alice hugged Martin with tears in her eyes.

«I love you,» she whispered. «I’ve always felt you were my father, and now, what you’ve said confirms it. I’m so grateful for the time we shared, Dad.»

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