On my way out of the apartment, I came across a carrier with a baby sleeping soundly with a note

I’ve always led a pretty loose lifestyle. Yes, I had a higher education, a good job, an apartment and a car. But I didn’t have a wife or just a girlfriend. For some reason, this lifestyle was very attractive to girls, and I took advantage of it.

I spent my weekends away from home, and from Monday to Friday I was once again a good employee and a good son.

And one day I had a huge surprise: as I was leaving my apartment, I came across a carrier with a baby sleeping soundly in it. At first I thought it was someone’s silly joke, but then I found a printed note. It said that this was my daughter, the baby’s name was Valerie. Being in a state of shock, I began to call my mother, who promised to come quickly.

And I had to take the baby home and get off work. There was absolutely no suggestion as to who Valeria’s mother was. At this time the baby started crying, and I just didn’t know what to do. I took her in my arms and tried to rock her, but to no avail.

Twenty minutes later my mother arrived. She had already managed to buy a bottle, a formula, even diapers. Valerie ate and fell fast asleep, and my mother and I began a serious conversation. I had to finally settle down and start thinking with my head at my age. If the baby was mine, I wasn’t giving up on the commitment.




Valeria’s mother was never found, although all maternity hospitals and clinics were checked. It was not clear who she was and where to look for her. The police couldn’t find out anything either. But the DNA test completely confirmed my paternity. And I became a father, my life changed dramatically.

My mother taught me how to swaddle, how to feed, bathe and change the diaper, she helped me, but still we lived alone with our daughter. At first it was just unbearable: sleepless nights, crying when you can’t figure out what she wants or what hurts.

The first tooth with a fever under 38 almost made me gray overnight, the doctor calmed me down a bit. I, a grown man, cried along with the baby when I could not relieve the colic. The pediatrician doctor in our area visited us almost every other day, gave advice, calmed the «crazy» dad down.

With time my daughter and I began to understand each other better, she grew up just beautiful, my little princess. And I began to look more and more at the doctor, because the baby needs a mother. Anna began to come to us, even on weekends. At my proposal to meet, she said yes, saying that this was the first time she meets such a caring and serious man. If she had known me before…

I am very happy that Valeria came into my life. She changed my life, just turned it upside down, but I realize that now I am really happy with my girls.

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