Only the dog tried his best to save the owner: everyone passed by the old man lying on the ground

Nowadays, many people judge others only by their appearance. If a man is lying on the ground, well dressed, in a suit, then the person has become ill and urgently needs to be rescued. And if the clothes are dirty and untidy, then he is drunk and needs to be bypassed…

Today we want to share with you a very touching story that happened in the Costa Rican city of Guapiles.

This story happened on one of the local trails. A dog was running against the traffic. He was barking loudly and trying to attract attention. Many drivers did not understand what was going on and drove around the dog, outraged that he was running along the roadway.

Finally, a caring man decided to stop and find out what was the matter. The dog immediately began to lead him. The driver had to run after the animal for several hundred meters. Soon he saw what had happened.

There was a man lying on the side of the road, looking about 60 years old. He was dressed very poorly and all the passers-by literally stepped over the man, deciding that he was drunk.

But the driver, that a dog could stop, realized that the old man needed help, and called an ambulance. Upon arrival, the doctors found that he had a heart attack. When the ambulance was picking up the old man, the dog jumped into the car with him. No one dared to drive her away. Soon the man felt better. He was able to tell that his name is Jorge, and the dog is Chiquita. They live together in an old trailer on the outskirts of the city.

That day he was walking around the city with Chiquita when he suddenly felt ill. His heart ached. After a moment, he lost consciousness. If not for the devoted Chiquita, the man could have died.
Luckily it was all right.

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