Polish Rapunzel: 34-year-old woman has not cut her hair since she was a child, now her hair is longer than she is tall.

Malgorzata Kulczyk is a 34-year-old woman from Poland who is currently studying at the Faculty of Informatics in London. In addition to her impressive knowledge, she also has a beautiful head of hair that she has been growing since childhood.

The woman has not cut her hair in five years, only trimming the ends. Currently, her hair is 158 cm long, which is 3 cm longer than her height. Her luxurious hair has often caused envy among other women. One colleague even suggested that she cut off her braid, but she refused and continues to grow her hair. Men are also captivated by her beauty.

Rapunzel washes her hair once a week and styles it in various ways. She also uses her hair as an accessory for more interesting and spectacular photos. Although she was born with blonde hair, she prepares an oil-based serum to enhance its natural beauty.

Malgorzata recommends that those who wish to grow beautiful and long hair should be patient and monitor their health, as it is the main factor in healthy hair.

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