She was 11 years old and her baby was born during her own wedding

We’re talking about Kordesa Zhelyazkova, who has become one of the youngest moms on the planet.

When Kordesa was 11 years old, she met a 19-year-old young man not far from school.

They started dating, and soon she became pregnant. However, the girl did not immediately find out about her condition…

The schoolgirl thought that she began to gain weight because of a sudden awakened appetite. At that time she began to eat for two. Her grandmother Dida was the first to notice Cordeza’s belly.

After the interrogations, everything became clear, and the girl’s relatives rushed to begin preparations for the wedding with the baby’s father. They wanted to do it before the baby was born. And they succeeded.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it almost succeeded…

The three-day wedding ceremony was scheduled to begin on October 22.

The celebration was held in the best traditions. But from the second day of the festivities, Cordesa felt ill.

She was taken to a specialist, where a few hours later little Violetta was born. The girl and the baby were healthy.

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