A 76-year-old grandmother faced severe criticism in comments after showcasing herself in a sleeveless dress on social media.

Opinions are ubiquitous, yet the wisdom of keeping some to oneself is occasionally overlooked.

A 76-year-old fashion influencer recently posted a picture featuring her modeling a sleeveless midi dress. Despite the influx of comments on the post, not all of them were positive.

“This isn’t the initial occurrence, but this one caught me off guard,” shared Candace Cima with TODAY. “There are persisting antiquated beliefs about what is suitable for fashion at a certain age, and this mindset needs to evolve.”

Cima, a grandmother of 11 grandchildren, displayed a brown knit sleeveless dress paired with a sweater.

On Facebook, one person critiqued, “From the side and back, this dress does nothing for you. Form fitting below the waist is not your friend. Celebrate everything else about your body!”

Another commenter expressed, “The sweater on, not a fan of the dress.”

A different user boldly stated, “Not flattering at all. Would never wear alone. Too old to be showing all that skin.”

Cima responded, “It’s entirely acceptable to have wrinkled skin at 76, and I’m not ashamed of it. Sometimes I want to reply, ‘Should I cover my face too, because I have wrinkles there?’”

Cima initiated her fashion blog in 2019, recognizing a void for older women in the fashion space.

“I recognized a chance to discuss dressing as you age. Women have been ingrained with the belief that they should cover up, following the examples of their mothers and grandmothers.”

“We must change our perspective on aging. There’s no need to conform to outdated notions in today’s modern world.”

In the face of numerous rude comments, Cima chose to pay them minimal attention and, instead, provided guidance for some of her newer and younger followers.

“Aging is great. Everything you have learned your entire life is now there for you. You are now the wisest that you are ever going to be. Embrace it and be proud.”


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