The birth of twins, one of whom is dark-skinned. It wasn’t just Dad who was surprised

Olga and Andrew signed a contract with our maternity hospital in advance. Andrew wished to be present at the birth of his firstborn. The ultrasound clearly showed that it would be two boys. So when yesterday night Olga had contractions, Andrew himself, without an ambulance, brought her to us.

We took care of the paperwork, changed clothes for both of them and honorably escorted them to the delivery room. She is in her first labor and the contractions are not particularly strong — she will not give birth before morning anyway, and that is if she is lucky. The father-to-be behaved in an exemplary manner.

At six in the morning the labor began. Andrew did not let the doctors down either — he did not disturb the doctors, he helped his wife, and he was not going to faint. And then the first baby was born — a big, vocal and healthy. Daddy himself proudly cut the cord. The doctors took care of the baby, and he went back to his wife.

In a few minutes the second baby cried out loudly. Except that the father, seeing the baby, fainted before he could ask:


The mother, fortunately, was lying down, otherwise she would have collapsed too. She burst into bitter tears and began to claim that she had never cheated on her husband. Daddy, meanwhile, came to his senses and, unexpectedly for us, did not leave, but began to reassure his wife, saying that he would not leave his own, and that he would bring up the second child.

We, as medics, understood the absurdity of the theory of one child from twins with another father, so we advised the young parents to talk to the parents, let them search their ancestors.

And indeed — just an hour later, a newly minted grandmother came running to the maternity hospital with a photo album.

It turns out that her father was African, she was just lucky to be born with white skin. Her mother told her about her father in confidence — and that was before she passed away. No one expected that the genes would come back to her after so many generations.

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