The couple saw an owl by the road, which looked at them pleadingly

A couple from the USA was driving by car past the forest and suddenly saw an owl on the side of the road, which seemed to be asking for help. The owl was weak and with a damaged beak.

A couple from the USA was driving by car past the forest and suddenly saw a bird on the side of the road. It turned out to be an owl, which did not move from its place and seemed to have come out to ask for help. The bird was weak, and its beak was damaged — so the people could not pass by.

In addition, they turned out to be volunteers of the Bandita Ranch Conservancy rescue center, so they are sensitive to all animals. The guys took the owl to their home to take care of it. They consulted with veterinarians and learned all the subtleties of poultry care.

The owl, who received the nickname Koko, immediately trusted them. It was as if it felt that it was being helped, and knew that no one would offend it here. The people fed the owl and took care of it and its wound on the beak. It was getting stronger every day.

Fortunately, after a few days, the damaged beak recovered. During this time, the people got so used to the gentle, sweet, and calm Koko that it was sad to let it go into the wild. But that day has come. Before that, they decided to build a small wooden treehouse for it, where it could fly.

When Koko was released, it flew but landed on the tree closest to the guys. It was obvious that it was also sad to say goodbye, but the people were happy that they managed to help it. Since that day, they periodically see Koko in the forest or hear it at night.

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