The dog scared the whole family by rushing to a 7-year-old girl: as it turned out later, he was saving her

Dona De Luca and her husband adore their four-legged friend, and for good reason. After all, he saved two of the most vulnerable members of their family from a poisonous snake. If not for the brave dog, neither seven-year-old Molly nor her 75-year-old grandmother could have survived that day.

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The family was grieving over the death of their old dog. Therefore, in the end they decided to take another one in the nursery. So a two-year-old German Shepherd appeared in their house. They called the new pet House. Dani’s husband did not get along with him at first, but a little later House still managed to ingratiate himself with him.

So at the time of the incident, the dog had already become a full and beloved member of the De Luca family. Maybe that’s why he felt it necessary to protect Molly from a poisonous snake. At first, no one understood what was going on. And Molly was even scared when she saw that her beloved dog suddenly rushed to the lawn in front of her with a belligerent look.

It soon became clear that there really was a battle here. The dog began to whine plaintively, clearly in great pain. The family immediately picked him up and took him to the veterinarians at the Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners clinic.

The dog was found to have at least three snake bites. According to veterinarians, he suffered in a battle with a viper. And most likely — with a very poisonous rhombic rattlesnake, considered one of the most dangerous varieties of snakes in the United States.

The antidote that weakens the effect of the venom of this snake is used in very small quantities, but it costs a lot of money. The usual dose in such cases is one or two ampoules. However, the veterinarians were not sure how much poison got into the dog’s body, and therefore advised to put him on a drip. Despite this, for a while it seemed to everyone that this battle would be the last for House.

The family has already come to terms with the fact that their beloved dog sacrificed himself to save the lives of Molly and her grandmother. It was no longer hoped that he would remain alive.

However, the IV eventually worked. House came to his senses, the danger was over. And a week later he managed to go home.

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