The homeless man picked up the piece of paper and realized it was worth $10,000. The man found the owner, and his life changed

Elmer Alvarez, a homeless man, picked up a scrap of paper on the street. Upon examining it, the man realized he was holding a crumpled check for ten thousand dollars. The check was in bearer’s name. However, Elmer decided to find the owner after all. From that moment his life changed forever.

Ten thousand dollars might have helped Elmer get through the winter. But the man thought that this money might be all the real owner had. The check bore the name: Roberta Jose. Elmer got to the nearest Internet café and started looking for her contacts.

It soon became clear that Roberta was a successful realtor. The newspapers often wrote about her business. So Elmer quickly managed to get the woman’s number. The man talked to her, explained the situation and made an appointment.

Roberta was stunned by the homeless man’s action. She thought someone had already cashed the check and did not expect a refund. What’s more, Roberta revealed that she herself had been homeless when she was young.

In gratitude, the woman provided Elmer with an apartment, paid for his education, and is now going to hire him.

One sure thing did change a man’s life. Ten thousand dollars would have been enough for him for a couple of months. Now Elmer could think about the future.

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