The incredible transformation of Mélissandre, ”the little bulimic» by Tellement Vrai

The incredible transformation of Melissandra, the «little bulimic» from «Telman the true». Melissandra has changed a lot! The young woman, who is now 21 years old, has lost a lot of weight.

She has become a charming young woman who is not shy about sharing photos on Instagram. In 2012, Tellement Vrai magazine dedicated a report to Melissandra. The girl boldly told about her addiction to food. Her revelations caused a lot of ridicule from viewers. On social media, Internet users were not shy about openly ridiculing her weight.

Unfortunately, 13 years later, nothing seems to have changed. Despite the impressive changes that have happened to Melissandra, she continues to be ridiculed for her appearance. When the pictures of little Melissandra were shown on the NRJ12 channel, they caused ridicule from Internet users. The girl, who was suffering from bulimia at the time, spoke openly with the audience. The NRJ12 cameras focused on keeping an eye on her daily life without trying to hide her bad habits. Thus, the audience was able to see Melissandra stuffing herself with food. Subsequently, these images got online and became the subject of prolonged ridicule from Internet users.

Melissandra’s appearance in the Tellement Vrai program did not help her, rather the opposite. After the program aired, the girl was subjected to real harassment on the Internet. Her photos hit social media, accompanied by an avalanche of negative comments. Her weight continued to be mocked, as did her weakness for food. So Melissandra’s appearance in the Tellement Vrai program did not help her, but quite the opposite.

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