The life of a teenage girl comes to an end, prompting her mother to inspect the coffin more closely. To her surprise, she discovers that there are scribbled notes on it.

Teen Girl Dies, Then Mom Looks Closer At Her Casket And Realizes Notes Are Scribbled All Over It

In Memory of Laura Hillier: In Memory of Mrs Hillier: A Tribute Beyond Words

The fight against leukemia

Laura Hillier was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 13. She was cancer-free for four years. Unfortunately, the cancer came back.

Laura, a talented and admired senior at Nelson High School in Ontario, Canada, lost her battle with this terrible disease on 20 January 2016.

Later that day, on the Hope for Laura Facebook page, her family announced the news to their many friends and followers:

«She fought bravely and all of you would have been so proud of her. Her poise, her courage, her strength and her pure spirit shone through right until the end.»

To commemorate Laura’s life, her family, classmates and teachers decided to get out their coloured markers and do something incredible on the surface of her coffin.

The photos and story went viral, touching the hearts of strangers around the world…

On 20 January 2016, Laura Hillier died at the age of 18. She died of acute myeloid leukaemia while waiting for a transplant bed.

Laura was surrounded by loved ones in a hospital in Canada at the time of her death.

Laura was first diagnosed with cancer when she was 13. She was in remission for four years before relapsing in May 2015.

At Nelson High School in Ontario, Laura was known for her love of music and theatre.

She was able to receive her 12th-grade yearbook before she passed away, but her classmates and family members wanted her funeral service to feel like a true «yearbook send-off».

Laura’s family, friends, neighbours, teachers, classmates, hospital staff and co-workers came together to turn her casket into a yearbook of stunning proportions in memory of her life, her infectious joy and her great talent.

All over the casket were heartfelt notes, scrawled by hand in all sorts of colours.

The powerful images of Laura’s stark white coffin covered in colourful messages are going viral. The inscriptions are warm, personal and moving.

You were musical. You were artistic. You were understanding. You were my bestest friend.

Life is a song…Sing ’til your heart’s content

Very brave and strong. You will always be a hero.

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