The man transformed an abandoned storage tower into a beautiful two-bedroom house – take a look!

Imagine driving along the scenic Highway 50 to Elmdale and turning west. Within just 90 minutes, you’re surrounded by the authentic tranquility of Kansas.

Listen to the rustling of leaves, marvel at an unspoiled night sky, and experience a golden serenity.

Deep in the heart of West Chase County, surrounded by lush soybean fields and embraced by a gentle creek valley, is a vacation accommodation in a silo known as the «Owl’s Nest Silo House.»

This is not just any house; it’s a carefully designed log cabin built in 2019 that you can call home, at least for a weekend.

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Gerald Wiens, the man behind this retreat, originally envisioned building a log cabin for occasional weekend rentals.

«We decided to build a log cabin and rent it out for weekends, hopefully like Airbnb. We thought just a few weekends a month,» he said.

However, he had not anticipated the overwhelming demand during the pandemic year, as the Paw Print Cabin was booked for over 180 nights!

Near the cabin stood an old silo, still in admirable condition, sparking an idea for Gerald.

With some creativity, sketches, models, and considerations of floor plans, he set out to convert the silo into a living space. However, the circular structure posed some challenges.

«That’s basically what happened. And then, you know, we looked at a lot of ideas. We drew small models. We had different floor plans,» Gerald said according to KSN.

The result? A four-story marvel standing 45 feet tall.

Upon entering the vacation accommodation in the silo, the entrance seamlessly transitions into a unique circular living room, an intimate space designed for comfort and relaxation.

Two cozy leather chairs immediately catch the eye, perfectly placed to encourage heartwarming conversations or solitary moments of reflection.

For entertainment enthusiasts, a modern flat-screen TV is strategically mounted above a magnificent gas fireplace. Whether you fancy a movie night or just want to enjoy the gentle warmth of the flames with the background of your favorite show, this living space provides the perfect setting.

And not to forget the practicality: Cleverly hidden beneath the winding staircase is a discreet guest bathroom. This space-saving design ensures that guests do not have to go far for amenities even in the comfort of the living room.

Furthermore, the Owl’s Nest Silo House offers an exceptional journey to the pinnacle of comfort. To reach the splendor of the fourth floor with the master bedroom, you embark on a fascinating ascent up 45 steps winding upwards.

The second floor provides a cozy bedroom for three. Here, Gerald has created a custom bunk bed with a double bed below and a single bed above.

Meanwhile, he faced a challenge: fitting a bathroom on a floor with a bedroom below. The solution? The entire third floor is dedicated to this spacious bathroom that serves both bedrooms.

But what makes it especially remarkable is the generous shower, making those in typical houses appear tiny. It’s pure luxury that allows guests to indulge in style.

The highlight of this architectural masterpiece is the master bedroom, equipped with a ceiling height of 16 feet and a luxurious king-size bed.

Gerald has poured his heart, soul, and countless hours into this project. The silo recently opened its doors to its first guests.

Curious about the prices? It costs $175 per night, with a minimum stay of two nights and an additional cleaning fee.

But heed Gerald’s gentle warning: If you’re looking for a Disneyland-like experience, this might not be for you. This is a destination for those who truly appreciate nature.

Gerald and his family handled the entire construction themselves, with occasional assistance from their architecture student grandson.

For those interested, the log cabin is already listed on Airbnb under «Vacation Rentals Chase County,» and the silo accommodation will soon join its ranks.

«To say it was a labor of love, I mean, we spent so much time here.

If you had to pay me for it, I hate to say how many hours it took because it’s not a typical build,» said Gerald.

See how amazing this silo vacation accommodation is by watching the video below:

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