The model, who underwent 74 plastic surgeries, boasted of her results in Christmas photos

40-year-old Jessica Alves has undergone 74 plastic surgeries, can you imagine?

The girl proudly posts her photos online in all their splendor. Alves does not miss the opportunity to demonstrate the work of a plastic surgeon on his social network page. A few days ago, Alves appeared in front of fans in a photo shoot by the pool, earning the approval of fans.

However, there were users online who were outraged by this act. Some of them were very rude in the comments under her social media posts.

«How could you bring yourself to such a state?»

«I don’t understand why none of the surgeons refused. Can’t you see that she’s out of her mind?»

«A neglected case»,

«And why? Is it really for the sake of fame?»,

«Life is one thing, why waste it like that?»

«I can imagine how stressful 74 plastic surgeries on the body can be»,

«Poor woman. She needs the help of a specialist.»,

«It’s a shame,» the netizens write in the comments to this publication.

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