The real Barbie from Armenia: what was her real face like before plastic surgery

This sensational-looking girl is called Lilith. She is from Armenia. She is a model and designer, she is also called the Armenian Barbie.

Before this unusual transformation, the girl had successfully participated in beauty contests. With the help of plastic surgery, she was completely changed until she turned into a doll. Lilit Martirosyan was born in 1988 into a traditional Armenian family. Her mother is a psychologist and her father is an athlete.

Since Lilith loved to draw, her parents took her to art school. She started her modeling career in 2012. At the same time, she came up with the idea to completely change her appearance and become like a Barbie doll.

The result was shocking. There is not a single feature of the former Lilith left in the girl’s appearance today. She even changed her name to Lily Morto.

To achieve this result, she had to go through several plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. Before all these operations, she was a real natural beauty with an Eastern appearance. Her parents and loved ones cannot explain why she decided to change so much and become like Barbie.

Currently, Lily is quite popular in her homeland. She gives interviews about her appearance and lifestyle, participates in various programs, and gains followers on Instagram. She is also known for her participation in the TV show «Women’s Club».

The girl married a plastic surgeon from Armenia. In her homeland, not everyone admires her face and figure, but she doesn’t care how the public treats her.

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