The talented 17-year-old guy managed to earn several million dollars on his own

The name of this young talent is Kieron Williamson, and he lives in Great Britain. Since childhood, the boy developed a passion for drawing. This hobby has strengthened year after year. And now, the works of the young prodigy are known far beyond the borders of his native country.

Most of the paintings by the young artist depict landscapes of his hometown, Norfolk. This is where the boy spent most of his life. The landscapes of Cornwall are also featured in his works. He loves spending his free time and relaxing in that area. Kieron sold his first painting at the age of eight at an auction. By the age of nine, his 33 paintings were sold in half an hour for a total value of $235,000. Another 23 paintings by the young artist were purchased online for $360,000 in just 20 minutes!

Thus, in quick time, a talented boy became rich with several million dollars. All the money earned goes to Williamson’s personal business, run by his parents until he comes of age.

Today, the young talent is the most famous and wealthiest artist among the youth in Great Britain. To acquire one of his works, you’ll have to shell out at least $3,500 from your pocket. In 2009, Kieron purchased a new house with the money from the sale of 19 of his paintings, where he now lives with his family. Additionally, the boy invests his money in the works of other artists.

Meanwhile, Williamson’s skills are improving every year. The director of Adrian Hill Gallery, which is in charge of selling the works of young talents, noted that the young man, compared to his early works, has reached a completely different level in the last year.

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